Laser tattoo removal and reduction

Using lasers for tattoo removal and reduction has begun to be seen as the latest revolution in the expanding tattoo world. Lasers have come a long way since their first uses with the potential to totally take out tattoos satisfactorily without leaving scarring or discernible changes to the skin. The uses of modern lasers with correct procedures means that removal and reduction is safe. The sensation is not too dissimilar to being tattooed and is often likened to being flicked with an elastic band which, though not pleasant, can be tolerated reasonably easily and a laser session is usually measured in minutes. Lasering can be used for preparing old tattoos for plausible cover up work without the muddy look associated with cover up.

Having established ourselves as leaders in the field of laser reduction and removal, Woody's Tattoo Studio is surely the place to come when dealing with laser issues. We have a full compliment of lasers, Ruby, Nd:YAG, and KTP ready to attack a range of colours that other lasers cannot touch.

These actively controlled lasers are the most powerful and variable which means that we can target the pigments to be removed with the correct wavelength of light at the correct depth using the correct power. This is a feature of the quality lasers at Woody's Tattoo Studio which is not found at the vast majority of other tattoo studios who often use cheap passive lasers. If you are searching for advice on tattoo issues, we are very well set up to give it correctly and freely.

We are associated with experts and manufacturers of lasers which means that we are in a position to offer knowledgeable advice with the best equipment at hand. We are also members of The British Medical Lasers Association.

Our lasers are safe and fully maintained by the manufacturer which means that the treatments are smooth and problem free.

Lasering is seen as the gold standard starting point for solving tattoo problems. Alternatives for dealing with problem tattoo situations often come with side effects. Cutting out a tattoo leaves nasty scarring. Hold a torch on the back of your hand and you will see that light passes through you. Our lasers use normal light which passes through the skin and selectively targets the pigment without cutting the skin. Therefore, there usually is no discernible scarring.

Chemical removal which leaches through the skin to eat at the pigment has scarring associated with it because the chemicals are non selective and the operators are usually not expert in chemistry.

Cover up work, where old tattoos are hidden with new tattoos is not advised without consultation as it is unusual for a new tattoo to simply just hide an old one. When a cover up is done badly the end results are often cheap, nasty and muddy looking despite usually being quite expensive. We can advise on cover up work, as to where it can and can't work, and as to where a combination of laser reduction and cover up work will be of benefit to the customer.

Woody regularly gives talks on lasering including workshops for a laser manufacturer and is considered to be an expert on laser reduction and removal. Woody has written many articles on the uses and abuses of lasers for a variety of magazines.

Sharron is the LPS (laser protection supervisor) for the lasers and was solely responsible for gaining Care Quality Commission registration, a notoriously difficult license for using lasers because of its stringent standards, when it was previously required. We still maintain high standards previously required by the CQC despite their deregulation of tattoo lasers.

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